Panayiotis Payiatis is a young digital artist (b. 1982) working with digital video / photography & the Internet.

2012 - graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts - Postgraduate Program "Digital Arts"

2007 - graduated from the University of the Aegean - department of Products & systems design engineering in Syros, Cyclades

"My artistic approach concerns with the use of digital media (video, captured sounds, recorded speech, photography) with ultimate objective the composition of works that are characterized by an element of persistence (mainly, concerning time). My works give off an intensely hypnotic mood.

I use extensively a video camera and video editing software, while also interested in the use of the internet, either as an exhibition site for my works (in a site-specific manner, where I take into consideration the special characteristics of the online works, such as the 'always-and-everywhere' state of the online content, the physical borders defined by the spectators’ screen, etc.), or as an endless source of information that can be reused or manipulated in perpetuity with no apparent existence of a trace of deterioration".

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